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The Kids Play
a short documentary


This is a film about a community theatre project run by drama therapist Anne Gollan. 


When I heard about what Anne was doing, I felt drawn to document her process. Creating a show with teenagers about their lived experience in 2022, off the back of two years of intermittent covid lockdowns intruigued me. How was she finding out these teenagers secrets and then how were these confronting topics going to be handled in a public performace by the kids themselves? 


A piece of gritty and entertaining theatre created by a tight knit group of 30 young people aged 11 to 16 with the help of professional writers culminated in a three night run in November of 2022 to sold out audiences. 


Based in the inner north of Melbourne on the lands of the Wurundjeri people, this film captures a moment in time when a community came together under the "Cult of Anne" and the smell of an oily rag to make room for kids to be together and reflect their experiences of being a teenager in 2022. 


The results were more than the sum of their parts.



Concept: Al Barden & Libby Chow

Writer: Libby Chow

Director: Libby Chow

Producer: Libby Chow

Camera: Libby Chow

Sound: Libby Chow

Editor: Libby Chow

Music Composition: Alexandrea Ward

Colour Grading: Peter Pilley

Sound mix and master: Peter Pilley

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